Me, my selfie and I

“Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.”
—Ecclesiastes 1:2

Of all the social media sites, Instragram is the one I spend the most time on these days. I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I’m a visual person, and Instagram’s photo-based posts appeal to that. Who knows? Who cares? What’s important here is that most of the photos that I post to Instagram are of me running.

I share other photos as well—family shots, relaxation shots, silly stuff that I see. But without a doubt the photos that I post most often and the ones that get the most reaction are the ones of me running. And most of the comments are: Who takes your photos? Generally I answer in my typical sarcastic manner and say that when I run a group of people just start following me, much like Forrest Gump. But the reality is that when I am out running and I chug my way past a nice, scenic location, I put on the brakes and pull out my phone.

I am a shameless selfie runner.

The truth be told, running selfies are pretty much the only selfies I take. Every other selfie I’ve ever tried makes me look like a three-chinned zombie. Running selfies, for some reason, work out. I don’t have a selfie stick or any great trick. I just prop my phone up against something, hit the timer button and then commence running. I try to time it so I pass by the phone just as it’s taking photos. It takes a burst of 10 photos at a time, and generally one or two within that sequence make me look like I actually have good form and know what am doing.

I don’t. I just fake it, all for the sake of Instagram. Oh the vanity.